The Compliance Game Changer Your Business Needs

Practical Compliance Automation™

A comprehensive, practical, automated and cost-effective approach to compliance


What is Concord Compliance?

  • Concord Compliance combines professional services with our state-of-the-art Practical Compliance Automation™ platform to deliver a complete compliance solution.
  • Your organization has a unique technology and business footprint, and it functions in a specific regulatory landscape; Concord Compliance delivers customized compliance programs to meet your specific requirements.
  • Your Concord Compliance program includes the right amount of practical staff training and assurance activities to meet your industry, customer, partner and regulatory requirements without creating undue burdens on your staff.
  • Compliance programs are delivered within the Practical Compliance Automation™ platform which automates, manages and tracks all of the necessary details to maintain your compliance program with auditability.
  • Practical Compliance Automation serves as the historical and audit system-of-record for document approval, staff training and the execution of compliance activities.
  • Practical Compliance Automation provides simple score cards and reports for full transparency into how your compliance program is being run.


We deliver compliance programs tailored to your organization’s specific size and complexity; programs that can be practically implemented and reasonably maintained by your staff with as much or as little of Concord Compliance’s direction and assistance as you require.

Customized Software


Your customized compliance program is a continuous, cost-effective, integrated system that meets the unique demands based on your customers, partners, industry and regulatory requirements.

Complete Compliance Software


Concord Compliance’s IT Compliance Framework delivers a complete compliance program to meet your specific requirements while supporting COBIT, HIPAA, NIST, PCI, FEDRAMP, FINRA and 21 CFR part 11.

Automated Transactions

Automated Transactions

Our custom developed software platform automates all of the document approvals and re-approvals, staff trainings and activity tracking necessary to maintain your compliance program in good order.

Compliance Reports

Reports & Scorecards

Our software platform provides snap-shot and historical scorecards and reports, ensuring complete executive and managerial transparency regarding the status of all aspects of your compliance program.

Reapproval Deadlines

Re-Approval Deadlines

Documents outlining compliance strategies, policies, standards and standard operating procedures are accurately tracked and scheduled for re-approval with dashboard and email reminders.

Staff Reminders

Staff Reminders

The Practical Compliance Automation platform provides each staff member, including consultants and contractors, a personalized dashboard tracking all of their assigned compliance activities; the platform also provides email reminders.

Maintenance Free

Maintenance Free

Practical Compliance Automation is a true Software as a Service (SaaS) / CLOUD product so there is never anything to install or maintain on your servers or computers. The Practical Compliance Automation annual subscription provides ongoing platform and compliance framework support.


Painless Audits

With all of your compliance materials and tracking, reporting and supporting documents and attestations in a single, organized place, you are always prepared for audits, dramatically reducing preparation time and both internal and external audit costs.

Required Activities

Required Activities

Proper compliance programs require validation and testing actions and the collection of attestations on a variety of security, governance and maintenance elements; our Practical Compliance Automation platform schedules and tracks these activities and captures the results.

Total Package

Total Package

A Concord Compliance customized compliance program delivered in our Practical Compliance Automation software is a complete compliance package to rapidly and efficiently get you compliant and keep you compliant.

System of Record

System of Record

All document management, training and required activities and their associated sign-offs, approvals and supporting evidence are stored in one easily accessible, secure location to virtually eliminate manual record keeping and the associated costs, efforts and errors.

Compliance Software Benefits

  • Automates your compliance management so you can run your business while knowing that your compliance program remains up-to-date
  • Supports the full range of compliance content including complex, industry-specific content for life sciences (GxP), financial services, law offices and other industries
  • Replaces inefficient and error prone spreadsheets, shared folders, email chains and manual tracking
  • Monitors and schedules all required compliance activities including inspections, verifications, validations and attestations
  • Schedules training, document renewals and activities with personalized dashboards and automated staff reminders
  • Automatically schedules and manages new employee compliance training
  • Proactively ensures that you are doing what you need to do when you need to do it
  • Allows customers who outsource all or part of their IT support to leverage the compliance programs of participating Managed Service Providers and present a holistic picture of their compliance activities