Compliance Orchestration™

Many companies in the market talk about “automation” when it comes to compliance. Or they throw around terms like “Compliance-as-a-Service,” because it’s a buzz phrase or to make it sound easy. But Compliance isn’t easy. We strive to make it achievable for our clients. Most people think of “orchestration” as being related to arranging a musical composition (orchestra). But its simplest definition is “harmonious organization.” This is precisely what Concord Compliance provides. Harmonious organization of the required policies, strategies, controls/activities, trainings, and attestation data required to meet any compliance framework demands. We just shortened all that to Compliance Orchestration™.

Our Approach


Your customized compliance management program is a cost-effective, integrated system that meets the unique demands of your customers, partners, industry, standards, and regulatory requirements.


We support a comprehensive portfolio of compliance frameworks, including HIPAA, NIST/CMMC, GDPR, ISO/IEC, PCI DSS, CCPA, SOX and more.

Total Package

Our customized compliance management program is a complete package designed to rapidly and efficiently get you compliant and ensure you stay compliant.

System of Record

All document management, training, and required activities (and their associated sign-offs, approvals, and supporting evidence) are stored in one easily accessible, secure location to virtually eliminate manual record keeping and the associated costs, efforts, and errors.


We deliver a compliance management program tailored to your organization’s specific size and situation. Your program will be implemented and maintained by your staff, with as much or as little of Concord Compliance’s direction and assistance as you require.

Required Activities

Proper compliance management programs require validation and testing actions as well as the collection of attestations on a variety of security, governance, and maintenance elements. Our software schedules and tracks these activities and captures the results.

Automated Transactions

Our compliance management software was developed in-house to address common client needs, especially the need to automate document approvals and re-approvals, staff trainings, and the activity tracking necessary.

Reports & Scorecards

Our software provides snap-shot and historical scorecards and reports, ensuring complete transparency regarding the status of all aspects of your compliance management program.

Re-Approval Deadlines

Documents outlining compliance strategies, policies, standards and standard operating procedures are accurately tracked and scheduled for approval and re-approval with dashboard and email reminders.

Staff Reminders

The software platform provides each individual, including consultants and contractors, with a personalized dashboard tracking all their assigned compliance activities, even sending email reminders as needed.

Maintenance Free

Our software is a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform so there is never anything to install or maintain on your servers or computers. Your annual subscription provides ongoing platform access and compliance framework support.

Painless Audits

All your compliance materials as well as tracking, reporting, and supporting attestations are stored in a single, organized location. This speeds up audit preparation and reduces both internal and external audit costs.

Our Compliance Automation Software Benefits

Our Expert Compliance Management Services

We’re the compliance company with the experience and expertise to help you design and implement a program suited to your unique situation and goals.

The experts at Concord Compliance take a collaborative approach, working directly with you to ensure we help create the ideal compliance management and information security solution for your organization.