Aerospace and Defense Compliance

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Compliance management for Aerospace and Defense

The Aviation, Space, and Defense industry is subject to the AS91XX family of compliance standards. Developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and maintained by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG), the AS91XX collection of standards covers an extensive range of areas such as configuration management, product safety, post-delivery support, and material testing, among others.

Failure to comply with these standards can result in non-compliance penalties and the organization will be held responsible for nonconformity consequences.

Crucial standards for the Aerospace & Defense industry

Aerospace ISO Standard AS9100D

For companies that manufacture or supply aerospace and defense parts, the AS9100 standard requires that these organizations ensure and provide the highest quality of service and product to their customers and business partners. This standard is designed to reduce costs and increase work speed and performance for organizations within the A&D industry.

Aerospace ISO Standard AS9110C

While it includes most of the same content as the AS9100 standard, the AS9110 standard is a set of requirements designed specifically for civil and military aerospace repair stations. Therefore, organizations that provide aerospace equipment maintenance typically prioritize the AS9110 standard compliance certification.

Aerospace ISO Standard AS9120B

The AS9120 standard defines specific requirements for organizations that supply components to the A&D industry. This standard requires traceability of materials, protection of the stored materials, and the keeping of records that indicate these requirements were met.

Aerospace ISO Standard AS5553A

The AS5553 standard reduces the risk of organizations buying counterfeit parts from fraudulent providers by requirements that optimize the buying and inspection processes. By achieving AS5553 certification, organizations are equipped to prevent counterfeit purchases and mitigate major losses in finances and productivity.

How Concord Compliance helps you maintain AS91XX compliance

To help you achieve AS91XX compliance, Concord Compliance leverages industry-leading expertise and cutting-edge technology to deliver a comprehensive compliance management program that helps to ensure your organization remains in good standing with A&D industry standards. If your business is ready to be certified in AS91XX compliance, we’re ready to deliver comprehensive compliance training and solutions to help your business succeed on its journey.

Consumer Base

Here at Concord Compliance, we understand that the AS91XX collection of standards is highly recognized within the A&D industry. Therefore, we’re equipped with the tools necessary to help your organization achieve this certification and gain global recognition to enable an instant sense of trust among stakeholders and customers.


There’s no denying that counterfeit parts are a growing concern within the A&D industry. Therefore, Concord Compliance is dedicated to ensuring that your organization becomes AS91XX compliant to improve accountability across the supply chain and help you manage these risks in a more secure and effective manner.


Finally, by implementing a certified quality management system that ensures AS91XX compliance, Concord Compliance will help your organization execute a more profitable business strategy that is centered around sustainability and scalability for the future.

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