Compliance Orchestration™ Program Assistant (COPA)

A robust compliance automation software

Concord Compliance has the ideal compliance management software platform for your organization.

The Compliance Management Solution That Makes Compliance Achievable & Maintainable

Ensuring your organization is in full compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards is a constant challenge.

Even if you have well-designed and documented internal controls, you need a simple, easy-to-use tool to help you maintain and audit those controls.

COPA is designed to address those concerns.

Our compliance management platform manages, assigns, and tracks all necessary control activities. This ensures your compliance program maintains auditability. 

Compliance automation software that's easy to use

Our custom-designed compliance software is robust enough to handle all your needs, but provides an intuitive interface that makes it simple for both end users and admins to use.  You get simple scorecards and reports for full transparency into how your compliance program is performing. Our  platform is also a true software-as-a-service (SaaS) product, so you never have to install or maintain anything on your servers or computers.

How easy is our software to use?

We designed the platform to level the playing field and empower clients to meet these ever-growing requirements with limited dedicated compliance staff and resources.

Ideal for organizational deployment

Concord Compliance provides the expertise and the software platform to make compliance management possible for organizations to handle themselves.

Our compliance automation software:

Comprehensive compliance software capabilities

Our compliance management system serves as the historical and audit system-of-record for document approval, staff training, and the execution of your compliance activities.

Automated Transactions

Automate all your document approvals and re-approvals, staff trainings, and activity tracking necessary to maintain your compliance program in good order.

Re-Approval Deadlines

Accurately track and schedule for re-approval all documents outlining compliance strategies, policies, standards, and standard operating procedures with dashboard and email reminders.

Staff Reminders

Provide each staff member, including consultants and contractors, with a personalized dashboard that tracks all their assigned compliance activities and sends email reminders when needed.

System of Record

Store all your document management protocols, training requirements, and required activities and their associated signoffs, approvals, and supporting evidence in one easily accessible, secure location to virtually eliminate manual recordkeeping and the associated costs, efforts, and errors.

Reports and Scorecards

Access snapshots and historical scorecards and reports any time you want, ensuring complete executive and managerial transparency regarding the status of all aspects of your compliance program.

Painless Audits

Dramatically reduce preparation time and both internal and external audit costs by having all your compliance materials and tracking, reporting, and supporting documents and attestations in a single, organized repository.

Required Activities

Easily schedule and track your validation and testing actions as well as your collection of attestations on a variety of security, governance, and maintenance elements, and capture all your results.

A key tool for managed services providers (MSPs)

Understanding the complexities of compliance can be difficult for MSPs that specialize in more technical solutions. Knowing the nuances between each law, regulation, and standard and how each affects your clients is no easy task.

But more and more clients expect compliance to be part of an MSP solution offering. They’re looking for MSPs who can support compliance as well as IT services.

If you don’t get out ahead of compliance, client retention and new client acquisition may start to drop significantly.

That’s where Concord Compliance can help. We’re a partner that makes it possible to offer a true compliance solution as part of your portfolio.

Our compliance automation software is a true SaaS product, so your clients never need to install anything in their environments. With Concord Compliance, you get one efficient solution that works for all your clients.

Supports a wide range of compliance frameworks

Our compliance management software supports a comprehensive portfolio of frameworks that affect your organization:

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