Manufacturing Compliance

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What Compliance Challenges Exist for the Manufacturing Industry?

The manufacturing industry is subject to the standards set forth by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Internationally agreed by experts, the ISO standards for the manufacturing industry are designed to optimize operational processes, ensure quality, safeguard IT systems, and enforce health and safety standards. Once a manufacturing organization is accredited with ISO certification, scheduled surveillance audits are required to take place. Failure to comply with ISO requirements can result in botched audits that cost businesses an average of $80,000.

Crucial manufacturing industry ISO standard

ISO 9001

The ISO 9001 standard is designed to ensure that your organization prioritizes the consumer and consistently delivers high-quality products. In other words, this globally recognized standard serves as the entity that ensures manufacturers are upholding the best-practice processes in order to help increase efficiency and drive improvement.

ISO 14001

Serving as the entity that ensures manufacturers are constantly monitoring and controlling the environmental impact of their operations, the ISO 14001 standard helps organizations manage the use of natural resources, energy, and waste in order to improve their corporate image and credibility.

ISO 45001

In the manufacturing industry, health and safety are of highest priority. Therefore, the ISO 45001 standard is designed to demonstrate that manufacturers operate under a best-practice Occupational Health and Safety Management System – ultimately reducing the likelihood of incidents and accidents within the workplace.

ISO 27001

No matter the industry, cybersecurity is a vital topic for all organizations. Because of this, the ISO 27001 standard was designed as a progressive framework for mitigating data breaches, ransomware, and other forms of cyberattacks. By implementing an ISO 27001 information security management system, manufacturers are not only enabling a safeguard of their assets, but they’re also maintaining regulatory compliance.

How Concord Compliance helps you maintain ISO compliance

Here at Concord Compliance, we understand that your manufacturing organization has a unique technology and business footprint, which is exactly why we deliver customized compliance programs to ensure that your business meets the specific requirements of ISO standards. With industry-leading expertise in ISO compliance, Concord Compliance delivers a comprehensive compliance management solution that ensures your business remains in good standing with the ISO standards. You can forget about failed audits as our team is dedicated to helping you through every step of ISO compliance.

Reduction in Errors

Our comprehensive compliance management solutions and software replaces inefficient and error-prone spreadsheets, shared folders, email chains, and manual recordkeeping to help ensure that your organization is free from erratic variables that can wind up in failed ISO audits.

Reduced costs

At Concord Compliance, we know that unnecessary expenditures can take a toll on your organization. Because of this, our compliance automation software platform provides manufacturers with a comprehensive, practical, automated, and cost-effective approach to ISO compliance.

Compliance with Legislation

Finally, to ensure that your organization remains in good legal standing, our compliance management system is designed to deliver a comprehensive compliance program that not only meets the requirements of ISO standards, but also ensures compliance with any manufacturing-related legislation.

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