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Laws, regulation compliance, standards compliance… it seems like the list of expectations is constantly changing and growing.

Preparing, maintaining, and demonstrating your compliance management process is imperative to your organization’s wellbeing – sometimes even its ability to operate. But it often feels like there are regulations you might not even realize affect you, much less how to become compliant with them.

Concord Compliance can help.

Compliance services customized to your unique needs

Whether it’s a law like Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) or  HIPAA, a regulation like GDPR, an industry standard like PCI DSS, or even a requirement driven by your client, it can be difficult for any organization to make sure it’s doing everything it needs.

Disclosures on environmental, societal, and governance (ESG) factors are also increasingly important. And generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) continually change and drive the need for more reporting.

Plus, there are many nuances within each industry, within each organization, and even within each department.  

All this requires a dynamic compliance management process.

The good news is that the experts at Concord Compliance have the experience to help you design and implement a compliance program suited to your unique situation and goals.  Our experts take a collaborative approach, working with you to ensure we help create the ideal compliance management and information security solution  for your organization.

Comprehensive, end-to-end compliance services capabilities

We provide comprehensive, custom compliance management and information security solutions for every organization we partner with.


We start by assessing your particular situation. We learn about your organization, what data you have, and who you share it with (both inside your organization and externally). Then we analyze what laws, regulations, and standards may pertain to you. Our team has the experience and expertise to provide a comprehensive compliance solution customized to your needs. 

Risk assessments

We perform risk assessments for your organization to discover where non-compliance will negatively impact your revenue, legal standing, and overall reputation in your industry. But we don’t stop there. Information security is critical to maintaining your compliance. That’s why our risk assessments provide a detailed account of your existing security controls and how they can be improved.

Internal Control Policy Documentation

In the next step, we work closely with you to define what policies your organization will need to follow to maintain compliance. We help you develop internal control documentation so you know exactly what rules must be adhered to and how to prove your compliance with every mandate. You come away with a deep understanding of what’s required for key control assessments, testing, remediation, and attestation of your compliance.

Compliance Automation Software

Next, we create a customized path for you in our compliance automation software. This easy-to-use SaaS platform automates, manages, and tracks all the necessary details to maintain your compliance management program. Our software allows you to prove what you’ve done and track what you need to do on an ongoing basis. It serves as the historical and audit system-of-record for document approval, staff training, and the execution of all your compliance activities. Not only does automation, auditing, and reporting become much simpler within our software, so does employee compliance training.

Data Integrity

Certain types of data feature different sets of regulations governing them. We ensure you understand which mandates pertain to each type of data your organization uses, stores, and interacts with.

Why is Concord Compliance right for you?

Concord Compliance offers more than just a one-size-fits-all solution. We use our broad focus and our consultative approach to ensure your compliance policies are thorough and current.  And we help you address all your compliance management needs, across a wide array of laws, regulations, and standards.

Your organization has unique requirements. You need a partner that takes the time to understand them and customize an ideal compliance solution for you.

Concord Compliance helps you create a program that includes the right amount of practical staff training and assurance activities to meet your industry, customer, partner and regulatory requirements without creating undue burdens on your staff. And we deliver it with a state-of-the-art software platform that automates, manages, and tracks your compliance activities and provides simple score cards and reports for full transparency into how your compliance program is being run.

Plus, we support a comprehensive portfolio of compliance frameworks that affect your organization:

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